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New book : The Emerging Industrial Relations of China'

Just published on industrial relations in contemporary China:

'The Emerging Industrial Relations of China', edited by William Brown
(Cambridge University) and Chang Kai (Renmin University of China),
Cambridge University Press, Hardback, £68.

Faced with rising worker aspirations and dissent, the past decade has
seen the Chinese government changing its relationship with both
employers and workers. Employers are developing their own organisations
and the once monolithic trade union has become more internally flexible.
In this book a new generation of Chinese scholars draw on fieldwork and
surveys to analyse developments in trade union organisation and employer
strategy, in collective consultation and employee participation, and in
the role of government and the treatment of strikes. It concludes with a
comparison of the Chinese experience with that in Vietnam and Russia by
Tim Pringle (SOAS).

Tom Kochan of MIT praises the book as '... destined to be the go-to
textbook and scholarly resource on this subject'.

11th September 2017